Reduce Anxiety and Gain Control of Your Life

This 21 track is designed to help you find relaxation, relief from anxiety and some clarity. We will be mainly using the double exhalation breathing technique to help slow your heart rate and mind down to help find deeper relaxation and peace.  You will be guided to explore the root of your anxiety with the intention to permanently change the patterns that cause you to feel this way.

Did you know the key to controlling the feeling of anxiety resides within your breathing patterns? What if I told you you can control your anxiety if you can learn to control your breathing? Would you believe me? Many times our thoughts create reactions within the body that influence the way we breath. If we can get a handle on these thoughts by bringing some awareness to them and somehow change they way we think, it may then be possible to permanently reduce our feelings of anxiety in both intensity and frequency. This is the intention of the Elemental Mindwork Process.

One key to success is consistency, so try your best to do at least 1 track per day for the next 21 days. Science has shown that 21 days is when the brain will start to reprogram the new thought patterns and beliefs as the old programs and neural pathways begin to atrophy. We highly recommend taking our mini course on Elemental Mindwork and subconscious reprogramming for a better understanding on how this method works.

Everything here is laid out for you, all you have to do now is show up for yourself and do your best.

Keep up the great work!


P.s. Try your best to inhale through your nose, and breathe into your belly if you can. (for more breathing tips check out the Breathwork Fundamentals Course)


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