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  • Linnie Lindsay

    July 24, 2023 at 5:56 pm

    Hello, I’m Linnie from Utah, USA although I lived over 55 years in California on the coast. My oldest and best friend, Tricia, from childhood recently attended at week-long workshop with her sister who lives in Costa Rica, where they worked with Gio. Tricia has been encouraging me to try this and join because I shared my physical and emotional struggles as I move toward retirement from teaching 32 years. I have done a few of the initial lessons and attended a live session with Michelle, during which I found myself crying somewhere in the middle…don’t know why. When I was done with the session, I could breathe better and felt sooo much lighter yet grounded, physically and emotionally. I am looking for a lifestyle change that is natural and makes sense. So far, I this is feeling natural for me, and I find myself practicing throughout the day.