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The Coaching Process

Discovery Call – This is a short call for a new client who is thinking about learning more about their breath and themselves. It is in this call you can share all of the things that may be hindering their well being through improper breathing and also how small corrections can improve that (mainly from the fundamentals course). You will also introduce the Breathwork Integration Program by sharing stories of changes you’ve witnessed and experienced yourself (coming from a place of experience is very important) but remembering that there are no guarantees and the success is mainly in the hands of the client and their commitment to do the work.

Intake Call – For the Intake or initial session you will want to build rapport with the client and get some basic info. It is very important to actively listen and take notes. The more notes you can take the more prompting opportunities you will have later when you do the mindwork sessions. See Appendix B for the intake form outline. Feel free to adjust it to your liking)

What you want to accomplish on the intake call as we fill out the intake form.

  1. Get information as to where they are and take the breathwork questionnaire (See appendix C)
  2. Teach them about breath awareness (Breath Awareness Meditation Appendix D)
  3. Try to establish or bring awareness to the clients needs (See appendix F) and these will be used in future mindwork sessions and prompts.
  4. Find the areas of focus you want to start with and what the client objectives are. (You can use the 7 areas of life meditation to help bring awareness to a potential starting point but most clients will have some obvious areas they feel they need to improve in their lives)
  5. Create a plan for this week in between this session and your next session for what they will commit to work on and bring more awareness to.

Breathing Fundamentals Coaching

It is important as coaches that we will not only work with the mental and emotional side with a client but their breathing mechanics as well. This is really important because improvements in breathing will help them to be more calm and relaxed, improve their abilities do deal with stressful situations, help them to have more energy, sleep better and much much more. 

As a pre-requisite to this course you will also need to take the Breathing Fundamentals Coaching course that will give you the tools to help improve people’s breathing mechanics and breath awareness. 

The best way to help a client is to first experience the effects of these tools on yourself. We will be working each week throughout this course on ourselves, so we have direct experience to share with our clients. 

The recorded course has all the details you need to know and we will be working them into our weekly calls. For today we will simply start by taking some basic measurements so you can establish your baseline. 

  1. CP Score
  2. Max Breath Hold
  3. Breathless Steps

These three measurements should be part of your initial coaching call with a client. They may choose to not want to work on the functional aspect of their breathing but we will highly recommend it for best results.

Click download link below for an editable version of the Sample Client intake form.


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