Featured Facilitator – Ari

Ari is one of our facilitators who discovered the transformative power of breathwork after a near-death experience. Searching for a deeper spiritual connection, Ari attended a breathwork class and had a profound breakthrough that brought clarity and euphoria. This experience opened his eyes to the incredible potential of breathwork, and he has been sharing this practice with others ever since.

In his breathwork classes, Ari brings the same energy of clarity and insight that he experienced in his own breakthrough. He is passionate about helping his participants connect with their breath and unlock the healing power within. Through his guidance, Ari helps people to release emotional blocks and tap into their inner wisdom, leading to a greater sense of peace, vitality, and spiritual connection.

For Ari, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing the transformation that can take place through breathwork. He loves witnessing his participants leave his classes feeling lighter, more energetic, and deeply rooted to their spirit. With a deep commitment to his practice and a profound dedication to helping others, Ari is making a positive impact on the world, one breath at a time.

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