Featured Facilitator – Corey

For every item of clothing sold, Corey’s clothing company donates funds to ensure that 10 people in need are fed. This philanthropic approach to fashion is at the heart of Corey’s mission to help those who are in need of it.

Corey’s passion for helping others extends beyond his charity work. He recently obtained his Elemental Breathwork certification after experiecning profound shifts in his energy and emotional state in his own practice.

Corey brings an intense yet gentle approach to his ceremonies, helping people break through their own limitations and tap into their true potential. If you’re looking for a class to truly take you to the next level, then Corey is the facilitator with the passion to help set you free.
Through his work in both fashion and breath work, Corey is making a significant impact in the lives of those around him. He is committed to pushing the boundaries and encouraging others to do the same, and his dedication to helping people is truly inspiring. Whether through his clothing line or his breath work practice, Corey is a true light to inspire others.

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