Featured Facilitator – Jacob

Jacob is a metaphysical physician and breath work facilitator currently living in Costa Rica. Jacob is deeply committed to helping people reconnect with themselves and their spiritual essence through the power of breath work. He has dedicated his life to studying and practicing meditation, and is passionate about sharing the transformative effects of this ancient practice with others.

As a breath work facilitator, Jacob works with clients to help them reduce stress, release emotional blocks, and tap into their own inner wisdom and strength. He believes that by cultivating a deeper connection to our breath and our inner selves, we can unlock our full potential and experience greater levels of health and well-being.

In addition to his work as a breath work facilitator, he believes in the healing power of the mind-body connection and works with his clients to help them understand how their thoughts, emotions, and beliefs impact their physical health.

Interested in becoming a breathwork facilitator, click here to get free access to our Guide to Becoming a Breathwork Facilitator.

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