Time for the Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience!

Are you ready to dive in? Don’t forget to take a few moments before you start to focus on something you are grateful for and set an intention for this session. An intention could be something you want clarity on, something you want to let go of, an answer to a question, or something you want to amplify in your life. Once you’re ready, connect to your headset or speakers, close your eyes, and try your best to let go and follow the instructions. Release the need for perfection – doing your best is always good enough. Good Luck!

Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience

You’re about to have your first Elemental Rhythm Breakthrough Experience! Many people come back to this our signature session again and again and the results people are having are mind blowing. People leave these sessions feeling lighter and at peace. Many experience increased love, compassion and trust for themselves and others, which can ripple out as major life upgrades.


In the video below, we will explain the process you are about to experience. If it seems like a lot of information, don’t worry – you will be guided through the entire track. Remember that you are in control and can increase or decrease the intensity of the experience anytime. The best way for you to slow down is to relax and extend your exhales. Good Luck! The entire experience will take approximately 30 minutes.


Watch the video below for some extra safety tips before you start! If you are unsure about your ability to do breathwork, or have experienced severe trauma or any of the contraindications, please check with your healthcare provider before starting.

Experience the power of breathwork.


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