Being a breathwork facilitator isn’t a solo journey. You’ll be joining a vibrant, supportive community of practitioners. Share experiences, learn from peers, and grow together in a space of mutual respect and collaboration.

The beauty of Elemental Rhythm is that anyone who feels called to become a facilitator can do it! We have successfully guided people from all ages and walks of life – for example, corporate execs, CEOs, estheticians, air hostesses, firefighters, and healers. Some have had previous experience in holding space while others are brand new.

People love that they get a solid framework with room for their creativity to radiate. One thing is for sure: no one will teach Elemental Rhythm the way you will! Your people are out there waiting to take your classes – again and again.


Real stories from real people. Listen to the transformative experiences of our past students, from their initial doubts to their ultimate successes. Their journeys are a testament to the power of this course and the community we’ve built together.

Breathwork is getting a lot of attention and rightly so as it can be one of the most powerfully health promoting practices that exists. The expertise of the practitioner in knowing what each individual needs, when and how to access it is the key to creating a powerful peak experience. Gio has mastered the art of directing a powerful breath practice. His authentic and grounding nature creates an ideal Space for the experience. My time with him was valuable, memorable and I always look forward to the next time.

Ben Pakulski
Professional Body Builder, High Impact Coach,
Elemental Rhythm Participant

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork has taken the beautiful healing modality of breathwork to the next level!! I truly feel that no stone was left unturned to find all the essential components necessary to ensure the wonderful and complete feeling of wholeness presented by this experience.

Matt “Freq” Casey
F-16 Fighter Pilot Lt Colonel, USAF (ret)
Elemental Rhythm Participant

Join our thriving community.


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