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The Breakthrough Experience

How was your experience with Prana Portals?

  • Did you have an ‘Aha’ moment or a breakthrough?
  • Did something surprising come up for you?
  • Did you feel or see something new?

Breathwork Insights:

During breathwork, you may see, feel, or hear things that could be clues to your deeper self. Follow these clues—they are your pathway inward.

Moving Forward:

In the next journey, we’re going deeper with a longer experience in collaboration with Nessie Gomes, one of my favorite musicians.

Prepare for the Journey:

  • Expect the Unexpected: Let go of expectations and allow yourself to be guided by the experience.
  • Find a Comfortable Spot: Lie down, use headphones or good speakers, and follow the instructions.
  • Wind Down Afterwards: Take time to slow down your breathing after the session, and recalibrate with breath holds.
  • Avoid Driving or Strenuous Activities: You may feel the best you’ve ever felt, or need some time to recover.

Read what others have experienced

Hear stories from facilitators and fellow members who have gone through these breathwork experiences. Hopefully, their stories inspire you to continue your journey.

Integrate This Journey Into Your Routine:

  • Swap it in for your morning routine, or add it to another part of your day.
  • Take time to slow your breathing down afterwards and reflect.

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