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The Elemental Rhythm Technique

In this module, we’re diving into the Elemental Rhythm Technique, a unique breathwork experience designed to help you tap into your intuition, gain clarity, and transform your energy.

A Curated Approach to Breathwork

There are countless breathwork modalities out there, each drawing from different traditions. While I didn’t invent breathwork, I consider myself a curator. I’ve taken elements that worked for me as I explored breathwork, and they profoundly impacted my life. The result is the Elemental Rhythm Technique.

What Makes Elemental Rhythm Special?

  • Rhythmic Breathing: Music-driven breathing patterns that shift your brain waves from beta to alpha and theta.
  • Breathwork Techniques: Incorporates multiple breathing styles for a holistic effect.
  • Guided Meditation & Breath Holds: Deepen your journey with meditation and intentional breath retention.
  • Transformative Experience: Fun, insightful, and transformative sessions that guide you to deeper layers of understanding.

Today’s Track:

Prana Portals

A 15-minute journey created in collaboration with DJ Taz Rashid, this track combines music, rhythm, and breathwork for an immersive experience. By the end of this track, you’re likely to feel:

  • A Shift in Energy
  • Deeper Insights
  • An ‘Aha’ Moment

How to Get Started:

  • Find a Comfortable Spot: Lie down or sit somewhere relaxed, but avoid driving, swimming, or risky activities.
  • Follow the Instructions: Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, and let the rhythm guide you.
  • Enjoy the Journey!


Help you discover something new within yourself through rhythmic breathing and transformative music.


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