• 19 Lessons

    Breathing Fundamentals

    The average human takes roughly 20,000 breaths per day. Are you making every one of them count? This course will teach you exactly how you can optimize each breath. Optimizing your breathing can help reduce stress, improve recovery, improve your mood, increase athletic performance, improve circulation, and more!

  • 29 Lessons

    Breathwork Facilitator Level 1

    Welcome to our Level 1 facilitator training program. This is the online portion that will compliment your weekend training. Please view and read all modules…
  • 17 Lessons

    Breathwork Integration Coaching

    In this course, you will learn the principles and techniques to coach clients through the Mind Work Reprogramming Process. We’ll go over the science behind…
  • 4 Lessons

    CO2 Tolerance & Sports Performance

    These exercises are designed to improve your bodies ability to use oxygen more efficiently. As most things in life, quality over quantity.
  • 10 Lessons

    Creative Visioning Process – The Proven Process to Create your Dream Life

    This course will provide you with a step-by-step process to help you start creating the life of your dreams. It will help you to create…
  • 24 Lessons

    Deepening Spiritual Connection

    This 21 day journey will allow you to utilize specific breathing techniques to help you uncover and bring awareness to any blockages in your spiritual path. This Journey will allow for insights to come through within the ‘big picture’ of life and allow you to connect with yourself at a deeper level.
  • 11 Lessons

    Educator Training

    Video modules to support educators in training
  • 24 Lessons

    Expand Your Emotional Awareness

    In this 21 day Journey you will learn to tap into the subtle energies of our emotions and gain insight into your own feelings as well as those around you.
  • 24 Lessons

    Financial Abundance

    In this 21 day Journey you will uncover the limiting beliefs and past experiences that are preventing you from experiencing abundance.
  • 24 Lessons

    Improve Your Relationship Mindset

    Open your mind, open your heart, and free yourself from past experiences which negatively impact your relationships.

    In this 21 day Journey you will learn to bring awareness to past experiences that may now be preventing you from connecting with your loved ones in a rich and sincere way. Through this awareness you will recognize opportunities of growth and begin to implement changes into how you see relationships moving forward.

  • 24 Lessons

    Loving Your Body

    Improve how you look at yourself in the mirror and cultivate your sense of self-love.

    This 21 day journey is all about cultivating self-love for your physical form and improving your relationship with your body through rewiring how you see yourself.

  • 24 Lessons

    Mindset Mastery for Business, Career, and Life Mission

    In this 21 day Journey you will be guided into the mind of an entrepreneur, and not just any entrepreneur, the greatest entrepreneur that knows…
  • 3 Lessons

    Progress Measurement Tools

    Use these tools to measure your starting point and keep track of your progress over the next few days, weeks, months, and years! These tools are not designed to improve your breathing efficiency, only to measure it, focus on the other content to gain results then come back here to measure them! 
  • 24 Lessons

    Reduce Anxiety and Gain Control of Your Life

    This 21 track is designed to help you find relaxation, relief from anxiety and some clarity. We will be mainly using the double exhalation breathing technique to help slow your heart rate and mind down to help find deeper relaxation and peace.  You will be guided to explore the root of your anxiety with the intention to permanently change the patterns that cause you to feel this way.

  • 4 Lessons

    Relax, Find Balance & De-stress

    In this series you will learn some of the worlds most ancient techniques of reducing anxiety and de-stressing. These techniques focus on helping you regulate your thoughts, your emotions and calm your body and your senses.
  • 24 Lessons

    Shifting Inner Dialogue

    Learn to transform the inner critic and eliminate negative self talk.

    In this 21 day journey you'll be guided into the realm of your inner thoughts. These tracks are designed to bring awareness to how you speak to yourself when no one else can hear you. Through the combination of breathwork, music and prompts you'll enter into deeper states of consciousness that will allow you to begin to change your internal dialogue and eliminate negative self-talk.

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