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Nasal Breathing

Breathing through the nose reduces Pressure in Chest and Heart

Uses less energy to breathe vs chest breathing (engages chest)

This is probably the most important change to make if someone is a mouth breather. This simple change can quickly produce significant changes in many areas of your life. The nose is designed for breathing. It warms, moistens, filters and delivers the air in the most optimal way.

It also allows air to travel deeper into the lungs, combined with deep slow diaphragmatic breathing it will make sure you are getting the most out of each breath. Breathing through the nose filters the air through not only its design but also by adding Nitric Oxide which helps improve blood flow and is antimicrobial in nature. 

The nose is actually quite advanced and yogis have been studying breathing techniques for thousands of years called pranayamas, which modern science is finally catching up to.

The yogis discovered (now confirmed by science) that breathing through the left nostril calms and cools us (feminine energy) while breathing through the right nostril stimulates and energizes (masculine), with alternate nostril breathing (see appendix) activating both energetic aspects to achieve balance.

About 20 years ago, scientific research proved the theory behind nadi shodhana: breathing through the left nostril increases the activity in the right side of the brain while breathing through the right nostril stimulates the left side of the brain. The right side of the brain is responsible for processing our emotions and influences our creativity while the left side governs the logic and language aspects of our life. (You can try the alternate nostril breathing exercise below)

Even if you struggle with nose breathing now, you can significantly improve your ability to nose breathe with practice. It can go so far as to even help improve facial structure and potentially even straighten your teeth especially in developing children. If you can’t breathe through your nose at all try the nose unblocking exercise Below.

Nose Unblocking Exercise

This exercise can help you to unblock your nose give it a try!

Alternate Nose Breathing Exercise

This breathing technique brings the body and brain into balance. Helps to relax the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety. Sit comfortably, exhale completely and use your right thumb to close your right nostril. Inhale fully through the left nostril, plug your left nostril and then exhale through the right nostril. Inhale back through the right nostril then plug it and exhale through the left. Continue this pattern for 5 minutes or until you feel balanced and relaxed.


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