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C02 Table & Oxygen Table

In this video we are going to discuss CO2 Tables and Oxygen Tables to help you increase CO2 tolerance and breath hold times. These exercises are a little more advanced, so make sure you go through the whole course before beginning these.

Apnea Tables – Apnea tables designed to improve the body’s tolerance to CO2 will decrease the rest time between successive breath holds in an attempt to slowly build a residual concentration of CO2 in the lungs. An O2 table will do the opposite by holding rest times constant and increasing the duration of each breath hold.

Designing a CO2 table – start with finding out your max breath hold. Let’s say it’s 2 minutes. We will set our breath hold at 50% of our max so 1 minute. You will need a stopwatch for this exercise. 
Start breathing for 2:30 and then hold for 1 minute.
Each round, reduce breathing time by 15 seconds followed by 1 minute hold.
Last 2 rounds should have 1 minute of breathing each.

See Example:
Rd 1. Breath 2:30 Hold 1min. Rd.2 Breath 2:15 Hold 1 min, 
Rd 3. Breath 2:00 Hold 1 min Rd 4. Breath 1:45 hold 1 min
Rd 5. Breathe 1:30 Hold 1min Rd 6. Breath 1:15 Hold 1 min, 
Rd 7. Breathe 1 min Hold 1 min Rd 8. Breath 1 min hold 1 min. 
Stop. Recover.

Designing an O2 table – similar to CO2 but instead of decreasing breathing time we increase hold time and keep breathing time constant at 2 minute. As a rule of thumb we will work up to 80% of your max breath hold. Lets say its 2 minutes, we will work up to a 96 second hold (80% of 120seconds) in 15 second increments. Work you way back from round 8 (96 seconds) with a minimum starting hold of 20+ seconds. If your max breath hold is 2 minutes you would use the following table. Last two rounds are at 80% of max breath hold.  You will need a stopwatch for this exercise. 
Start breathing for 2:00 and then hold for 1 minute.
Each round, increase hold time by 15 seconds.
Breath for another 2 minutes. Repeat hold with 15 second increase according to your personal table.
Last 2 rounds should have 80% of max breath hold.

See Example:
Rd 1. Breathe 2 min Hold 21 sec Rd.2 Breath 2 min Hold 21 sec, 
Rd 3. Breathe 2 min Hold 36 sec Rd 4. Breath 2 min hold 51 sec
Rd 5. Breathe 2 min Hold 66 sec Rd 6. Breath 2 min Hold 81 sec, 
Rd 7. Breathe 2 min Hold 96 sec Rd 8. Breath 2 min Hold 96 sec. 
Stop. Recover.


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