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The Importance of Intention

In this video, we talk about what an intention is and why it is such an important part of your practice, followed by a quick journaling exercise to help you get clear on your intention for this course. We also included a 9 week journey outline for you to download and print and keep track of your results! See below!


  1. 1. Why am I really doing this? What is the outcome of breathing better I would love to experience?

2. Why does that matter? What will it allow me to do that I cant do now or what will it allow me to do better?

3. What will that outcome feel like when I make those changes? Take a few minutes to visualize and feel into it daily.

4. What is your commitment to yourself? Can you commit to a daily breath practice for 60 days?

5. When will you do it daily? Put it in your calendar, set an alarm, how will you keep yourself accountable?

6. From 1 – 10 how committed are you to follow through?


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