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Rate and Rhythm

In this video we discuss optimal breathing rates & rhythms and the effects this has on the body.

Rate & Rhythm

The absolute first thing we want to show/teach them is what optimal breathing looks like. An optimal breathing rate is 8-12 breaths per minute and would have a 1-3 second inhale, a 3-5 second exhale and a 1-3 second pause in between breaths effectively making the exhale and the pause roughly twice as long as the inhale.

For simplicity and ease or remembering I use 3 by 3 or 3 by 2. 3 second inhale, 3 second exhale and 3 second pause. This optimal breathing pattern will result in just under 7 breaths per minute. If we switch it to 2 seconds (2 sec. inhale, 2 sec. exhale, 2 sec. pause) each it would be 10 breaths per minute also a great rate of breath (slightly dependent on volume). 

When it comes to Rhythm it should be relaxed. Relaxed breathing results in a relaxed mind and emotional state. The opposite would be tense and fast breathing. Your breath can be compared to a song, or almost everything in nature, it should follow a Rhythm, and when we get into a breathing rhythm we find comfort, flow and ease.


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